The purpose of this board is to have a place to openly discuss the building of a new online RPG game. Input for the designers as well as users of the new game as well as players from Shade is welcome. This is not a place to argue or attack the ideas or opinions of other users.

There will be a ZERO tolerance policy on this board, break the rules and you're gone !

- Do not "flame" users' opinions.

- If you don't like someone's idea, ignore it.

- If you don't like someone's opinion, ignore it.

- Do not engage in discussions about game activity in other games. (ie. Shade)

I will update the rules as necessary and don't consider this the final list of rules. If you're from Shade, you probably know me and are very aware of how Shade was governed.

Everyone is encouraged to give their feedback, opinions and ideas. All we ask is that you are respectful of other peoples opinions.