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Thread: General initial feedback

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    General initial feedback

    I was not expecting the 3D type interface, and I must say the graphics look much cooler.
    It is much easier to navigate using this interface (easier to avoid trees), but combat take a bit of getting used to the differences. When navigating as a Mortal, you need to keep a closer eye on your fatigue.

    A couple overall questions/ suggestions:
    I did not see an option to "run" is running possible for this version?
    It would be helpful to see the numbers behind the Health/ Mana bars on the main screen.
    The messaging icon/ alert needs to stand out more.
    When receiving longer messages, the text before scrolling to the 2nd line get cut off.
    When in the messaging screens, the buttons for the messaging actions need to stand out more (Reply, Report, etc.).
    I would like to be able to see how damaged my armor is, other than talking to a merchant - I did not see that option anywhere.

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    Yes, the visuals are much better and they are not finished yet.

    We are looking at how we will implement the run option.
    Health/mana numerical display will be added in one of the next updates.
    There will be better Mail/Stunned etc. icons.
    I will look into the message being cut off.
    We are refining all icons as they are not finished yet.
    Armor values will be added to inventory and possibly an overall armor rating in stats.

    Thanks for the feedback, we're working on it.


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