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Thread: what i didn't like

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    I concur... with what Trin said. All these games nowadays bore me. What's the use of getting capped and being like everyone else around you. Shade was a hardcore gamers game... you had to put up or shut up... let your skills shine .... damn I'm getting all hyped to play lol!!!

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    I kinda liked the later crowd control having no cc in dangerous dungons helped keep wealer players and drop thieves down to a minimum

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    I favored "twist of fate" to get out of sticky situations but that was just me, live dangerously lol and if you timed it well and in the right direction you could twist your way out of anything.

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    Lol I agree with enrage we were years apart in the shade world but any1 who knows me knows twist of fate was my favorite spell and once I became a pkr ToF became a first ditch effort instead of a last ditch effort

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    I dont like the game as well :/
    I'm enjoying happy wheels with my all the friends. you should also enjoy it the same way and be happy

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