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Thread: Alpha 12

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    Alpha 12

    So I decided to go see if anything new was on the Alpha server the other day and I have a few reports about my character.

    I was testing the lich evolution and my Phylactery does not have the 100k mana value it once did.
    My hp doesn't regen at all

    Now I was wondering if there was a way I could change my character back to the way it was which is undead or if you can make me mortal again so I can proceed to make myself undead again

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    Hi Bigg,

    Alpha is no longer a play-server--it has transitioned into being our internal testing server. As such, it is now set up somewhat differently and goes through frequent reboots without notice, etc.

    There may be a point when we open it up for volunteer testing again, at which time we'll do whatever mods are needed on chars and to the world.

    That said, those of you who have characters are not prohibited from poking around in there when it is 'open'--we're just not supporting play there.

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