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Thread: Customization/personalization

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    Anyone have any ideas on customization? Like how we could make our cars look unique. Wether it's implemented or not is up to chaos but I think we all should throw as !any ideas out there as we can to keep chaos' head full of things to work off of. I was thinking I'd like to see the the customization reflect on the character himself as in the way he looks in the world, like being able to give him blue pants and a pink shirt or whatever. I think dusk lacked customization completely. I think even if we were to pick our avatar it would give some sense of identity. You could have a set of stock avatars or we could upload our own image ago use. We could have a chr info page with our stats on one and I think it would be cool if there was a page with mobs and info on them. Like every time you kill a monster info on him is put on the page and. It would be sort of like Pokédex and say how many of each monster we have slain and maybe info like what weaknesses the monster has ie "this monster is huge and powerful with a sword but we!am to magic) these pages could be tabbed to we can switch pages in a chrs info page. I think the list idea would be sort of like a generic achievement list for us.

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    Being able to customise our character would be pretty amazing, would be great if we had a wide range of options for choosing the design of our characters. I’d make my character be as badass as possible.

    Some more textures for weapons, tools and armour would also be pretty nice as well.
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    Tbh i don't know how you would do this but i think you should have the ability to smith armor and weapons, but allow the smith to create the texture of what they made, pixel by pixel. I'd love to be in a unique costume of my own machinations. Or at least change paint job or perhaps each portion of it can be changed into a different premade texture so like the arms of a plate armor are changed to look like mail while the chest and back are solid plates still or so on and so forth
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    I haven't read any of the replies yet, but u think we should be able to change our primary base chr colors, plague colors, chat colors, in general. Also allow us to add our own pic/jpeg as our chr face.

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    A custom avatar builder (for your face) is coming very soon. Where you currently see a head on a plaque, that will be a custom avatar.


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    Here's an ideas towards cgr customization. Instead how about granting players skill points that can be used to build up stats for lcls gained as opposed to the general build that is currently in effect. This would allow the player the chance to build the chr as they want. It would also show more diversity in the abilities of the players. Also make weapins armor and spells have minimum requirements to use learn or equip. Also afgind stamina and agility to the subs str, int, and dex. Granted it would be more comolicated but helps make mmorps more fullfilling for the player, knowing that thier chr isn't cookie cutter. Even with being able to choose the starting stats of the 3 subs as is currently usually by the time chrs are up to lvls above 10 or 11 they all tend to be fairly similar unless players dont level up specific classes like blacksmith or fighter. As a gamer and avid player of rpgs in all its forms building unique characters for specific roles is what makes rpgs great. Plus gamers get attached to thier characters and ultimately play more and makes then more open towards spending more on the game and thier chr.
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