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Thread: Panic button

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    Panic button

    How about a panic button? When the game drops us we have to go through the log in process them choose our char to get back in. 50% of them time this is acceptable, as it is unlikely we are always in a encounter that has us seconds away from death from a few missed commands. It takes about 6-10 seconds to get to the log in screen already..the equivalent of about 3 moves on the monster we are fighting part, maybe more moves if it's a elder, draclich, or elf of any kind... I wouldn't know if it's possible but a single command maybe near the enter button on log on screen to get us back into the game with the last character used when booted as quick as possible? Maybe it only shows up if we were logged in and removed from game with-in 20 secs or so? Anyone else have a opinion about this idea? Had enough close calls myself due to some server/lag issue to say this is something that should be concidered.
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    I agree, it can be time consuming if game has to be reloaded (2-5 seconds) then enter, then char choice, then play and load. All told it can be 5-20 seconds of delay getting back in and reacting to the situation you were in.

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    yep, because of a bad wifi signal or tower signal, the server demon lives.....

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