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Thread: Dusk game app up in Google Play Store? Dusk game also now a FaceBook game?

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    Dusk game app up in Google Play Store? Dusk game also now a FaceBook game?

    Damn, I know I was late to becoming a consistent player in the Dusk game, I just am driven mad by the fact that I see the Dusk app back up in Google Play stores? But when I dowlload it it's unplayable because it's offline but why do that if the game is going to be offline?

    I just am wondering what it is with that. It's like torturing me every time I go look on the Google Play and see it available for install? I loved that game too much, and I had my hopes up when I saw it was back in the google play stores only to have it trashed away seeing that it wasn't actually able to be connected and played on. I'm pretty curious if there is anyone else here who saw this and went to install the app? It was the SAME EXACT APP. I know what I was looking at, but it disappointed me there.

    Then... I noticed it was turned into a FaceBook game? I don't use FaceBook anymore except to allow access to any games I may play, so I tried it out... The screen was too tiny for me. What works best for me is if a game is full screen, not some small window I can barely see things with.

    This was when I last checked this last year as it was very well, surprising to me. Yet disappointing at the same time cause it was really hard to see and navigate with a small popup window. I very VERY much prefer the whole window tab if not full screen.

    (Also,sorry if this is the wrong section to be posting this in haha, as I really wasn't sure where this went?)

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    New version of Dusk is only available on Facebook. It’s more like a second version of Shade.
    I actually preferred the original Dusk, but it is no longer available

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    It would be good to see some of the Dusk dynamics ported over to LW.

    Enchanting was a good feature to tailor your gear.
    Buffs on timers for various attack and defense bonuses.
    digging was an interesting dynamic to hide cave entrances and the like.
    There was a stun spell as well but I cannot recall what it was
    Necro class to control monsters was cool

    BTW the alpha port for LW is still active. Logged in and was all by my lonesome in tor. I hope it stays online because it is interesting to go back in time.

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    Yea I think it was called mud slide or mud wall may have been another spell like that also that stunned I'm still around just been chilling playing Anima.

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